Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer


Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer

  • Ideal for all ages and skill levels
  • Durable 1/4-inch Polypropylene Carbonate construction
  • 9 1/2″ high, 6″ wide, 2.6 lbs weight
  • Sleek black finish
  • Easy 30-second attachment with included wooden disks, T-nut, and Star knob
  • Fits any cornhole board with standard 6-inch hole
  • Rubber stripping on top prevents bag snagging
  • Marine rubber stripping protects board from damage
  • Elevate your cornhole skills with Jiffy Tube

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Skilled Cornhole Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer

Introducing the Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer - a sleek, innovative, and practical training tool for cornhole enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels!

Constructed from durable 1/4-inch Polypropylene Carbonate (PPC), the Jiffy Tube is designed to withstand countless hours of practice. It stands 9 1/2 inches high, boasts a width of 6 inches - the same size as a regulation cornhole board hole - and weighs in at a mere 2.6 pounds. Its black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any cornhole setup.

Attaching the Jiffy Tube to your cornhole board is a breeze. The 2 3/4-inch wooden disks are cleverly affixed inside the tube, and with the included T-nut and Star knob featuring a male 1/4 inch 1 1/2-inch long screw, you can effortlessly secure the tube to the top of the board from underneath in just 30 seconds. Compatible with any cornhole board featuring a standard 6-inch hole, the Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer ensures a seamless fit with your existing equipment as the Star knob easily screws into the T-nut for a sturdy connection.

Thoughtful design elements make the Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer a standout choice for players looking to improve their game. The top of the tube is lined with rubber stripping, preventing your bags from snagging during practice. Meanwhile, the marine rubber stripping along the bottom safeguards your cornhole board from damage, ensuring that both your board and the Jiffy Tube remain in top-notch condition.

Take your cornhole skills to new heights with the Jiffy Tube Airmail Trainer - the ultimate practice accessory that's perfect for players of all ages and abilities!

Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 12 in

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