Can’t Hit Shit Mini Tube Game


Get set for a hilarious riot with “I Can’t Hit Shit”, a game that puts a fun spin on precision! Are you ready to defy its daring name or enjoy the laughter that comes with missing the mark?

  • Game board: A 12×12, 3/4″ battlefield, waiting for your shots.
  • Playing field: A vibrant green indoor/outdoor carpet top, your personal putting green.
  • Challenge: A teasing 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ round tube, the centerpiece of your laughter.
  • Game changers: Eight foam golf balls, poised for glory or jest.

No crying towel provided, just room for laughs and determination! Ready to test your spirit and have some fun? Game on!

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Challenge the impossible with "I Can't Hit Shit!" - a high-energy, precision-based game that transforms your space into an unforgettable arena of fun and competition. For $28.00, you get a robust 12x12 green carpet-top board and a tricky round tube target that'll test your skill and nerve.

Eight foam golf balls await their fate, set by your hand, making each round a thrilling spectacle. But remember, there's no crying towel here; this game fuels your spirit, turning misses into motivation for your next big hit. It's not just about skill but about testing your resolve amidst laughter and cheers.

Perfect for friendly competitions, family showdowns, or daring solo challenges, "I Can't Hit Shit" is more than a game. It's a journey of self-discovery and victory. Are you ready to defy the odds and embrace the fun? Game on!

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