Why should I purchase from Skilled Cornhole?

We started making the typical box style sets using 2×4’s plywood decks we bought at the local box stores back in 2018. We used paint and varnish along with decals purchased off Amazon just like your average backyard boards maker.

With the popularity of cornhole starting to explode during the pandemic we once again upgraded our process of building and designing boards.

All our boards are now cut with an industrial grade CNC machine, printed using a UV printer or covered using heavy duty vinyl wraps.

We will put the quality or our boards up against anyone in the business. We are supremely confident in the quality or the wood and construction of each set we put out.

Can you do custom designs?

Yes, we can pretty much create any board design you wish. We have 2 awesome designers that we have worked with from the beginning to help you create the design of your dreams.

Can we use a picture?

We can use a picture provided it is of high quality. Real clear images taken from a modern cell phone or camera work well.  Please remember that all designs are applied to a 24”x48” set of top, so the images we use need to be scalable otherwise serious pixelation occurs and the designs come out blurry.

Can you make boards with sports teams, movie themes, or music artists?

Due to copyright laws, we cannot create design using copyrighted imagery.

Can we leave the boards or bags outside or in the rain?

The short answer to this is no. While Baltic Birch is the highest grade of plywood it doesn’t like moisture such as rain or snow and if exposed for long periods will warp.

We tell customers to treat their boards like they would with their household furniture. You wouldn’t leave your good coffee table outside. Same holds true for your cornhole boards.

Our bags are now resin filled so they can get wet. Just let them sit in a dry place to dry out, they can even be washed and dried if they get dirty. Leaving them outside for prolonged periods is not advised though. Sunlight can cause the ink to fade on each bag, and prolonged exposure to the elements is never a good thing for clothlike materials.  Just look at a flag on a pole that’s been exposed to the wind, sun, rain etc. They take a beating. So will your bags.

How come the boards are so slippery?

Brand new boards will often be slippery the first few times you play on them. The finish is glossy and depending on the type of bags you use can be quite slippery.

After using a few hours your boards will slow down a bit. Humidity also will play a roll in how fast or slow they will play as well as other factors.

What are the boards made of?

Our boards at Skilled Cornhole are all made of ¾” 4 B Baltic Birch. This includes the decking, side rails, legs, and cross members under the decking and leg braces.

Do you offer a warranty?

We strive to make the best boards in the industry, but sometimes things don’t go just right. We offer a 30 day warranty from the date of pickup.

Boards must be in new/unused condition with no damage. Once we received the boards back you will be refunded the purchase price. Shipping is not refundable unless the boards were somehow damaged in the shipping process.

We are not able to accept returns on custom made sets. All sales after 30 days are final.

Do bags come with the boards?

Bags are not included with boards.

Do I pay now or when I pick up the boards?

Once you have decided on either a custom board or a stock board you will be directed through the checkout process.

For custom boards, once payment is received you will be contacted with instructions on the process of creating your custom work.

Do you ship boards?

Yes, we can ship your sets. The shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

What finish do you put on the boards?

We apply 2 coats of durable Polyurethane to protect the direct print or wraps.

Do you offer a discount on multiple sets?

At this time, we don not offer discounts on multiple sets unless otherwise agreed upon prior.

What is your turn around time?

We tell customers 1-2 weeks for custom designs. This time frame can stretch further during our busy months in the Summer.

Stock boards are much quicker if we have them in our shop. Any stock designs that we have on our website we have immediately available.

Can I pick up my orders?

Yes, you can pick up your boards at our shop at the following address:

Skilled Cornhole LLC

1500 Rogers Ave

Appleton WI 54914