About Skilled Cornhole

Who We Are…

Five years have passed since we started our cornhole business.  Keep in mind we were both long retired from our lifetime jobs.  It was just going to be 1 set of boards.

How We Make Our Cornhole Boards

It started with Howie getting an idea to make himself a set of boards.  Never one to sit still very long, he did his research, got his materials and went at it.  I should have known right then he wouldn’t stop.  Next think I know we are making them to sell and our work area expanded from garage to basement to back entry hall to a section of the kitchen to sew bags.

We then decided to advertise on facebook and away we went.  The first 2 years we worked like crazy and our neighbors got to listen to the sound of saws and sanders and I’m amazed they didn’t complain.  In face, they all came over to see what we were doing.

Improvement and Growth

We slowly improved our product line, changed our store bought wood for sheets from a local sawmill.  Changed our design, went from 2×4 legs to 1″ pine and went into business with a young man (Dot.com Branding) who introduced us to vinyl wraps.  His talent for designing put us in another league and learning experience.  

From the beginning our mission was to work with people and businesses to customize a unique board.  Their design, their picture or whatever it took to make their board special.

Over the years we have adapted as a company to enhance our products with the latest techniques.  We use 3/4″ Baltic Birch for both the top and frame.  We still use vinyl wraps but also have expanded into UV printing directly on the wood.  Our sets are cut from a CNC machine to the exact specifications for a tournament quality board.  We have advanced to a lacquer for board protection and the bags we make now use resin instead of corn. 

Today we have our own shop and work along side our children who have joined us and expanded the business to make professional cornhole boards for the serious player and those who aspire to be one.  We still work with you one on one to meet that goal and give you “YOUR SET” of boards. 

Please message us anytime with your questions or if you want that special board made just for you